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Greeting From Sunset Beach! [Aug. 27th, 2007|03:47 pm]
Sunset Beach RP

greetings.jpg greetings.livejournal rp picture by emonemo111

Greeting from Sunset Beach!
Sunset Beach is a fictional area located in Florida.
There's coffe shops, bookstores, bowling alleys, movie theaters, parks,clubs,and anything else your heart desires!
Sunset Beach is a popular location for gays to relax  to relax and have a great time!
Perhaps you will even find love,and start a family.
You can do whatever you like at Sunset Beach..

Everything is here! Enjoy this wonderful photos

HotelsWorldwide.jpg picture by emonemo111
4 star hotels!
gfe.jpg picture by emonemo111
Great Cafe shops!
beachhouse.jpg picture by emonemo111
Lovely Beach Houses

Hillaryspics096.jpg Beaches image by hjbrownie
The Beautiful Beach
and much more!